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Why Catering is Great for Employee Morale



There are lots of ways to boost employee morale, and most of them are relatively inexpensive. Providing your staff with a catered lunch every now and again or as frequently as every day, can go a long way to improve and increase employee morale. Additionally, good company morale can have some pretty great results that will benefit your bottom line, making the cost of the lunches well worth your while.

Company-provided lunches and/or snacks makes employees feel more valued for the contribution they bring to the team. You foot the bill for coffee and goodies for your clients, why not show your workers the same love? Studies have found that employees feel more appreciated when their employer provides food.

Gathering over a lunch that the company has provided creates an incentive for colleagues to eat together. Not only does this boost team cohesion, your workers may even get more work done, since they are likely to discuss business over the lunch table.

You have a great opportunity to improve the health of your workforce by providing healthier meals, which reduces their healthcare costs (or yours, if you contribute to your employees’ health insurance plans). Additionally, unhealthy eating habits have been found to decrease productivity, so healthier catered lunches can reverse this issue and benefit your company with more work and improved efficiency from your staff.

Providing your employees with a meal can help reduce their stress. It provides a break in the day to enjoy good food and relaxed conversation with their colleagues. If catered lunches are a regular thing at your office, you are bringing your people the added benefit of a reduction on their grocery and/or dining out expenses, as well as eliminating the time they would spend preparing a meal to bring to work.

Finally, offering catered lunches to your staff is a perk that may influence a potential employee’s decision to accept a job offer. With better talent, you can increase your business, employee loyalty, and reduce costly turnover Nunn Better Catering  has all of the options you need for a healthy, deli-style catered lunch!


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